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Karndean vinyl flooring, Andover
Karndean flooring

Karndean luxury vinyl flooring





We have all the ranges of Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tiles / Planks on display in our Andover showroom.


The difference in the ranges is due to thickness of tile/plank and the wear Layer.
Also the sizes of tiles/planks can vary from range to range. The Planks vary  random characters of Natural Materials so they are manufactured with their own individual grain and appearance to stop your floor having a uniformed look.

The wear layer on each individual plank/tile withstands the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are beautiful woods which have an authentic grain to give the appearance of the real thing.

The Tiles look very realistic and range from Slate – Marble – Limestone and much more.


The guarantee will vary from 12 year to 20 year with this product.


If you'd like further assistance, please please contact us!





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